Workers Compensation Insurance for PEOs


Professional employment organizations have become a large part of the workforce as more and more companies look to experts to manage the staffing needs they have in various technical or otherwise specialized positions. These co-employment arrangements are not entirely new, but they are unconventional compared to traditional employment, and the liabilities and risks that need to be managed for them to work out are different from those faced by direct employers. That’s why provides an insightful rundown of PEO worker’s comp policies and other unique insurance solutions for the professional employment industry.

Insurance for Co-Employment

While the PEO is seen as the primary employer under most circumstances, the client company that contracts you to fill positions does incur some of the risk traditionally associated with employment. You also take on some of the third party liability risks inherent in the industries you serve, though, and that’s why you need to work with experienced insurance professionals who know how to craft policies that protect you without forcing you to overpay for insurance options that don’t apply to your situation. The right insurer will even be able to sell your worker’s compensation that works for both your internal employees and the contractors you send out to provide services to all your client companies.