Why Your Nonprofit Needs VIS

When you bought nonprofit insurance, you probably double-checked that it covered your organization and its staff. But have you checked to determine if the same safeguards apply to your volunteers? If not, you should speak with your insurance representative. If something goes wrong while a volunteer works for your nonprofit, you’ll want to make sure they’re protected with Volunteer Insurance Services (VIS).

What It Can Cover

Talk to your agent about adding volunteers as additional insureds to your nonprofit liability insurance before they arrive. This way, you’ll be safe if a volunteer:

  • Is hurt
  • Injures or damages another party’s property inadvertently.
  • Sues your charity because of an accident they sustained while volunteering
  • Acts inappropriately, resulting in a third-party lawsuit against your company

Make sure you consult with an insurance agent who has worked with organizations before; they’ll know which policies to adjust and what options you have.

Situations To Think About

It might make sense to extend your liability coverage to volunteers in these situations:

  • Repairing home for the elderly – This could cover you if a volunteer accidentally causes damage to a home.
  • Volunteers handling your tech – This is in case data is compromised after being handled by a volunteer.
  • Managing your social media – If a volunteer posts photos on your site without the proper release forms.

Having Volunteer Insurance Services (VIS) can help protect your nonprofit from unforeseen circumstances.