Why You Should Consider Purchasing Truck Cargo Insurance

Truck Cargo Insurance

Truck drivers are responsible for moving extremely important cargo all across the United States. Many consider truck drivers to be the people who keep our country going. Truckers, or the companies they work for, are liable for the cargo they are transporting until it arrives safely at its destination. If something goes wrong, the costs associated with replacing stolen, lost, or damaged cargo can be extremely high. This is where semi truck cargo insurance coverage comes in.

What Does Truck Cargo Insurance Cover?

Truck cargo insurance provides protection for the invaluable cargo you are transporting. This protection applies in a variety of different situations, insuring that you are covered in case something goes wrong. Some of the things that truck cargo insurance protects you against are:

  • Fire damage
  • Damage caused by a collision
  • Stolen cargo
  • Lost cargo

Some truck cargo insurance policies may even cover the price of debris cleanup in the case of an accident that causes the cargo to end up all over the road.


Truck cargo insurance is not available in all cases. For example, garbage trucks, limos, hearses, ice cream trucks, and buses are some of the vehicles that cannot be insured with this type of insurance.

Transporting cargo across the country is no small task. Cover yourself and your company by purchasing truck cargo insurance today!