Why You Should Consider Insurance for Your Dog

5 million canine bites were reported only last year and the medical costs for the victims averaged out to about $100,000. With statistics like these, it’s clear why dog bite insurance is a priority for many dog owners.

You may be sure that your dog wouldn’t hurt a flea, but if you live in an apartment complex or a community with a homeowner’s association, you might find you need insurance regardless. Many community managers insist on insurance to cover any potential incidents with dogs on the property.

Whatever reason you opt for pet insurance, you should make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Shopping around and comparing each company’s policies and prices would be a great start to choosing the one that works best for you and your pet. Also, since some dogs have gained a reputation for being aggressive, whether deservedly or not, many companies will not even consider covering these breeds. However, if you do own any of these types of dogs, there are still a number of companies that do offer liability insurance for “bully breeds”.

Even the sweetest dogs can hurt someone under the wrong circumstance. If your dog feels like you or it are being threatened, it may react defensively. Even if your dog is just playing around by nipping, it could end up hurting someone. If you don’t want to find yourself paying damages for any harm your dog might inflict, dog bite insurance is your answer.