Why You Need Educational Malpractice Insurance

Almost all professions have some kind of malpractice insurance. It is little wonder the schools are required to have it as well. Although there are only a few instances where a parent can sue under the educational malpractice laws, these instances are always clear.

Failure To Teach Skills

This is when the student says that you as a school did not teach the student relevant skills. It can also be that the school did not teach the skills to an adequate level for the student to progress.

Failure or Misdiagnosis

If a school misdiagnoses or fails to diagnose a mental or learning disability, they can be sued. Most schools are not required to have a psychologist or psychiatrist on staff, so this is a bit of a catch-22. It is easier to prove if the student has behavioral problems and the school does not inform the parents.

Failure To Supervise

This is the most common type of malpractice. Suppose a student is hurt while under the care, custody and control of a school. This might be grounds for an educational malpractice lawsuit. In this case, it is vital to have insurance against it to cover costs.

Although each of these cases is somewhat difficult to prove, they still present a problem for schools, particularly those with limited funding. It is always best to ensure your school is protected against this type of malpractice with malpractice insurance.