Why Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Connecticut life insurance

Although no one likes to think about it, planning for your death is a way to protect the loved ones that you leave behind. Your Connecticut life insurance agent can help you find the right policy, often by starting with some simple questions.

1. Do You Have Children?

If you die, who will provide for your family? Unless you’ve made a plan that covers the possibility of your death, your family may have no way of meeting regular expenses and planning for the future you’d anticipated.

2. Do You Have Any Debts?

In the event of your death, your surviving spouse may become responsible for all or part of that amount. Even if this is not the case, creditors may attempt to collect their money from you restate, reducing the amount you can pass on to your legatees.

3. Do You Own a Business?

Do you have a plan for what should happen if you die unexpectedly? Who will inherit your share, or take on your responsibilities?

Your answers to these and other questions can help your Connecticut life insurance agent to determine the coverage you need to meet your responsibilities and leave a legacy you can be proud of. Perhaps most important, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family will have the resources you want for them.