Why Do Volunteer Organizations Need Insurance?

Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer organizations like Community Care Corps do a lot of the communities that they work in. Community Care Corps, for instance, aids older adults, persons with disabilities and others who need non-medical care at home. While the charity offered is admirable, there are risks involved to a volunteer organization.

What Happens if There Is an Accident?

Accidents can happen when you are a volunteer. A volunteer could be responsible for a motor vehicle accident, for a patient’s slip-and-fall accident and more. Likewise, volunteers can suffer injuries while they are volunteering for your organization. Without insurance, if something happens, the organization could collapse because of a lawsuit.

What Are the Insurance Options?

Several different insurance policies can help volunteer organizations. These insurance services include:

  • Liability caused by a volunteer
  • Injuries to a volunteer
  • Insurance for vehicles

One of the most important insurance policies for volunteer groups is the auto insurance policy. If your volunteers have to drive from one event to the next, accidents can happen. Often personal auto insurance is not enough to pay for the injuries and damages, particularly if the vehicle was transporting multiple people to one location.

Community Care Corps is a volunteer organization that focuses on helping the elderly and those with disabilities. Whenever you work with the public, you need solid insurance options.