Where to Look For Quality Marine Insurance

new york marine & general insurance company

Just as cross country transports via tractor trailers and cargo trucks need liability insurance, so does the transportation of goods through waterways. As a broad umbrella program, the New York Marine & General Insurance Company offers marine insurance, but there are specific coverage options that can be obtained depending on the company you own or operate.

What is Offered?

In general, a marine insurance policy is designed to minimize the risk and loss your company might experience if an accident, death or property damage occurs through the transactions between your company and the final destination. Because of the expansive nature of marine transport and operations, the best coverage will be obtained through a policy specific to your business needs.

However, the following are the most commonly purchased types of insurance:

  • Hull insurance
  • Machinery insurance
  • Protection and Indemnity insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Freight, Demurrage and Defense insurance
  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Freight insurance

When you work with a provider like the New York Marine & General Insurance company, you are working with an insurance company that deals specifically with the exposures and liabilities of the marine industry. By speaking directly to an agent, you will be able to navigate the waters of comprehensive coverage and limit the loss you may encounter if something were to go wrong during a transportation transaction.