What to Expect During a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Indiana malpractice insurance can help protect you during a medical malpractice lawsuit, but unfortunately, it won’t protect you from actually being sued. However, if you know what to expect during the process, you might be able to ease some of your fears. Even the best doctors sometimes are accused of malpractice, and keep in mind that just because someone says you’re guilty of it, doesn’t mean you actually are.

If you are served a summons, have your insurance provider help you gather records regarding the patient’s treatment. Do not change the records at all, even if you feel you are clarifying or completing them. Your insurance agency will determine if the lawsuit has any validation by checking for previous injuries or lawsuits, and based on the findings, your attorney may try to have the case dismissed. If it does go proceed, you will provide depositions. Always stay calm and tell the truth. From this point, you could try to settle the claim, but be sure to weigh the pros and cons first. If you don’t settle, you will go through a typical court proceeding and hear a verdict at the end. If you suspect you may be on the verge of a medical malpractice lawsuit, you should never wait to see what happens. Contacting your Indiana malpractice insurance provider as soon as possible will be most beneficial to the situation.