What Is DO Liability Insurance?

DO Liability Insurance

There are a number of different organizations that use a structure that relies on the appointment of director’s and officers with executive decision-making power, from major corporations with publicly traded stock to small nonprofits focused on community enrichment across the country. What they have in common because of that structure is a shared set of risks attached to the consequences of the decisions made by the people in those key roles. As a result, they need insurance coverage that reflects those risks and protects the organization, and that’s just what directors & officers liability insurance offers.

Professional Liability Coverage for Leadership


Every profession that purchases liability insurance needs it tailored to suit the actual liabilities of that field. From lawyers to doctors and financial advisors, each is unique in the risks taken and the impact on both members of the public and clients of the business. High level leadership is a professional role of its own, apart from the industry or organizational focus of the entity that leader makes decisions for, so it’s no surprise that professional liability insurance that covers directors & officers is a unique product. While the policy limits and exact coverage terms are going to vary quite a bit according to organization size and role, the core coverage is very similar from one D&O policy to the next, and the most experienced insurers in the field will have the best knowledge base to build a tailored policy from. Contact one today.