What is Covered With a Crime Insurance Policy?

Crime against businesses is not a new concept. However, with the rise of cyber theft and crime it is more important than ever to ensure that your company is protected. This is where a crime insurance policy is essential. Here are some of situations covered under an insurance policy that targets crime.

Theft of Client’s Assets or Property

Whether the theft happens internally or externally, a crime insurance policy should cover robbery of your customer’s assets. This includes their money, property, or securities.


If money is utilized on site at your business, then this type of policy could cover any theft of those funds. As long as the money is used for your business on your premises, it can be insured.

Employee Dishonesty

Not all employees are ethical and loss of funds or property can happen. Sign up for a policy that includes protection against the poor decisions of employees.


Occasionally a forgery or alteration can cost a company. Include this option on your crime coverage insurance to ensure protection against dishonest people.

Cyber Fraud/Theft

A new popular avenue for thieves and hackers is cyber theft. A crime insurance policy can take some of the burden off when it comes to worrying about cyber attacks. It is still important to invest in cyber security but if an attack does happen, the policy should cover the damages.