What Insurance Do Bars and Taverns Need?

bar and tavern insurance

When alcohol and customers meet at a business, accidents happen. This is why you need bar and tavern insurance for your establishment. To determine which plans you need you can sit down with an agent and go over your risks. By talking to an insurance company with experience working in your industry, you can gain a better understanding of what your risks are as well as which coverage plans will benefit you the most.

Some of the coverage that your bar or tavern is likely to need includes general liability, workers’ compensation and liquor liability. This coverage can help you recover after accidental damage to your customers, your employees and your property. There are many local, state and federal laws determining what the minimum amount of insurance is for various industries, this can be a good place to start when looking for the right coverage. Your agent can also help you cover any risks your company has, which are not part of the minimum legal requirements, to design the right coverage for your business.

Bar and tavern insurance will need to cover a variety of risks, especially those involved in serving food and alcohol to your customers. You will also need to have some general liability and workers’ compensation coverage to meet legal requirements. An agent can help you decide which packages are the best for your needs.