Website Tips for Insurance Agencies

insurance agency website

Insurance agencies have many types of clients, from young couples starting a family to seniors facing a medical crisis and everyone in between. Of course, you want to appeal to all of them, so here are some design tips that your insurance agency website can use to reach the widest audience.

Clean and Simple

Keep your design simple and straightforward. Use responsive design to help standardize the visuals and the functionality so they will be able to adjust presentation and functions for smartphones, tablets and home computers.

  • Type: The style of your type should be easy to read, both in style and size.
    Images: Make sure any images you use are optimized for website use, which ensures the size doesn’t interfere with the load time of your page.
  • Format: Most websites have moved menu options to the top of the page, just below some type of graphic or company name. Drop-down menus are easier to follow from there.
  • Navigation: Avoid industry lingo that may confuse visitors. Make sure menu tabs are easily understood by the general public and information is easy to find.

New Clients

Your insurance agency website is an important tool in reaching new clients. If your site looks messy and confusing or visitors can’t find what they need, they’ll go elsewhere. That should be all the incentive you need.