Ways Dump Truck and Auto Insurance Differ

dump truck insurance

While the business’s auto insurance may cover an accident involving your dump truck, it may not cover other liabilities posed by the larger commercial vehicle. Dump trucks operate outside the normal roadways entering people’s property potentially causing damage. Protect your business with dump truck insurance.

Auto Insurance

A traditional commercial auto insurance policy covers physical damage to the vehicle and bodily injury for the driver and passengers of the vehicles up to a certain limit. However, auto insurance doesn’t always cover things off the roadway or certain types of vehicles. Relying strictly on auto insurance to cover your dump truck may be a mistake.

Dump Truck Insurance

Trucks may be involved in accidents covered by a normal auto policy. But dump trucks also drive on unpaved roads delivering necessary product to build roads, level ground or deliver large, heavy objects to job sites. These objects can slide around in the back potentially causing damage or fall out and cause an accident.

The added protection of dump truck insurance ensures the driver and the company are protected against financial loss in the event of an accident. Beyond the normal driving hazards, dump trucks often carry heavy loads and are subject to breaking down. Insuring the unique liabilities posed by the trucks can save you time and money in the event of a problem or accident.