Warehouse Liability is Different from Other Industries

warehouseman’s legal liability

If you operate a warehouse, you are expected to take good care of goods that are owned by somebody else. This presents a wide range of challenges and liabilities that are different from other industries. Since a warehouseman’s legal liability is unique, a specifically-tailored liability insurance policy is necessary.

Warehouses make money by storing things that are owned by a third party. By contract, a warehouseman must protect not only the goods but also the containers in which they are stored. Theft, fire, elements, and accidents all pose significant risk. Warehouse operators have a legally-recognized bailment, requiring them to mitigate risk and cover losses.

Because a warehouseman’s legal liability is different from other industries, it is important to obtain liability insurance that is specifically tailored to address the legal risks associated with operating a warehouse. If you are purchasing liability insurance, ask your insurer to survey your warehouse and come up with a specific plan to provide you with the best legal protection available. You cannot achieve peace of mind until your insurer has analyzed your specific needs and provided adequate coverage.

If you are a warehouseman, you understand that your legal liability is different from other industries. Because of that, you need a liability insurance policy that specifically addresses your unique challenges.