Understanding Insurance for Personal Watercrafts

Have you ever noticed how warm weather draws personal watercraft users out of doors? As the sunshine hits the water, thousands of people begin boating, kayaking and scootering around on the clear liquid. Unfortunately, with the rise in numbers of people riding across the waves comes the increase of bumps, bruises and scrapes as people forget to pay close attention to other crafts. As referenced by PWC insurance programs, thousands of serious wounds occur each year, with some water accidents even resulting in long-term injuries or death.

Tailoring Insurance Policies

Liability protection has never been more accessible because watercraft insurance policies can be tailored to cover your complete marine business needs. Whether your business rents personal watercrafts or repairs the vehicles, consider protecting yourself and your clients with PWC insurance coverage that understands your risk profile. Individualized policies can include:

  • Watercraft Protection
  • Hull Damage
  • Operation Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury

Adding a layer of protection to your watercraft insurance coverage can bolster your other insurance policies. However, with so many available options, make sure you evaluate your coverage needs before speaking with an agent.

Choosing Ample Protection

PWC insurance is about much more than financial protection against accidents. It is about protecting your future against unforeseen events, and that can bring peace of mind.