Types of Construction Industry

Construction Industry

The construction industry is responsible for commercial buildings, homes and more. For those who work in construction, there are risks involved. Contractors range from carpenters, electricians, masons and more. Those who work on construction projects need comprehensive coverage.

Here are some of the different construction contractor insurance options available.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects businesses when it comes to property damage or bodily harm. There are a number of different versions of these policies, some of which include coverages for:

  • Job-related injuries
  • Faulty workmanship
  • Advertising injury

These coverages can protect a variety of contractors within the construction industry.

Builders Risk

Builder’s risk is also known as course of construction insurance. This is insurance that can cover a variety of different properties. It may cover:

  • Foundations
  • Building materials
  • Scaffolding
  • Lawns, plants and trees
  • Paving’s and outdoor fixtures

Construction contractors may also invest in specialty insurances. Every project has its own risks. When it comes to basic coverage, however, most insurance policies will cover weather, fire, theft and vandalism.

When it comes to construction contractor insurance, the company needs to be completely protected against any allegations or accidents that might occur. Construction can be a dangerous business. A lot can happen on the job site that requires the right insurance coverage.