Turn Risk Into Relief With Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Whenever company business requires one of your employees to get behind the wheel of a rental car or personal vehicle, your staffing firm is exposed to liability. Your company doesn’t have to be at risk, however. Hired non owned auto insurance is the solution. It will serve as a supplement to the driver’s personal auto liability insurance, protecting your company from the specter of a catastrophic claim.

Include Options for Comprehensive Coverage

You may be familiar with using rental cars to carry out certain kinds of company business. If so, you know that physical damage to a rental car is usually purchased from the rental agency. However, this kind of protection can also be listed as a provision of your hired non owned auto policy. Other provisions extend coverage for your staffing firm.

  • Limits and deductibles are matched to client needs.
  • Coverage can be extended to staffing firm employees who drive a client’s vehicle on the client’s business.
  • A zero-deductible option is available.

Avoid Claims That Could Be Devastating to Your Company

One catastrophic claim could ruin your business. If one of your employees should be in a serious accident while on company assignment, his or her personal auto insurance may not be enough to cover the claim, and your staffing firm could be liable. Drive trouble away from your door with hired non owned auto insurance.