Top 3 Tips on Selecting the Right Marina Coverage

insurance for marinas

In the last two or three decades, the entire concept of what a marina is and what it offers its customers has changed. With that change comes a new perspective on insurance for marinas. That includes the extent to which a marina needs coverage and the policies that will best protect it. Here are a few tips marina owners should consider when searching for the right insurance coverage.

1. Protect your investment. Marinas are no longer a simple collection of docks where boats would roll into for gas and maybe some simple supplies. They are full-grown businesses and should be treated as such. To protect the business from liability, marina owners need to properly insure their investment.


2. Purchase the right policy. No two marinas are quite the same. Some are small, offering only the staples boaters need to have a good time on the water. Others are massive, almost acting as small communities, with retail shops, restaurants and more. Marina owners need to consider all aspects of their business when selecting the right insurance policy and liability coverage.


3. Find the right representative. Engaging with an expert agent is a smart alternative to figuring out what coverage to purchase on your own. Search for someone who specializes in the marina industry and who can provide the proper coverage need analysis. Take time to get to know the agent, too. There is no need to rush into a relationship.