Tips for Successfully Passing a Life Insurance Medical Exam

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Before you can receive life insurance, you first have to pass a medical exam. To boost your chances of passing the exam and securing a CT life insurance policy, there are a few tips you should put into action not just for the exam, but your health in general.

Refrain From Smoking

Smokers should stop smoking at least three months before their exam, which is when they’ll be considered non-smokers. While it might be tempting to lie on an application and say you don’t smoke, it’s best to be honest so you don’t risk your policy being voided.


You’ll likely be told to not eat at least two hours before your exam, but you can take it one step further and not eat overnight the day before your exam. Before you start fasting, make sure your last meal is a healthy one.

Lose a Few Pounds

It also won’t hurt to lose a few pounds in the days and weeks leading up to your exam for CT life insurance. The more weight you manage to lose, the better your premiums will be.

Schedule your life insurance medical exam so that you stand the best chance of passing and receiving a great rate. Put these tips to good use and you’re sure to reap the many benefits and savings.