Three Things to Include in Personal Protection Plans


Effective security measures take into account a person, the location, and the assets at stake. It could be personal safety that is threatened, or it could be a cyber risk. As a higher risk category for theft and loss, there are several elements of protection that need to be included in personal security for high net worth individuals.

Use Technology

A security system is usually a good deterrent for burglars, but incorporating technology into the system extends the level of protection. Whether it be remote viewing from mobile devices or tracking systems mounted to valuable assets, technology can go a long way increasing security measures.

Use Insurance

Though not an area of protection many think of, the information found at shows how protection from financial loss in the event of harm or theft is crucial to security measures. Specialty insurance lines are underwritten to absorb the monetary value that may be lost if something happens to an asset.

Use People

When it comes to high net worth individuals, there could be any number of challenges with trusting people and connections. Don’t rely on random security measures. Deal with professionals that are highly recommended by friends or family.

Securing your worth may be locking down your property from burglars or securing your information from cyber threats. Take precautions and invest in safety measures that will address your risks and exposures.