Three Things to Avoid When Implementing a Library Risk Management Plan

Library Risk Management

Implementing a library risk management strategy may not seem important. After all, libraries are not thought to be overly risky like other industries dealing with chemicals or large machinery. Avoid these mistakes when creating the risk management plan for the library.

Overlooking Risks

The experts at state the importance of a risk management plan for libraries though it is often overlooked. Natural disasters, injuries, and theft are still common risks faced by libraries. Overlooking risks leaves the library vulnerable should something happen unexpectedly.

Underestimating Impacts

The effects of a disaster or injury can reach beyond the individual affected. When evaluating the risks in the library, look at all the impacts that can happen. For example, a natural disaster can cause building damage, staff injury, damaged materials, loss of power and library downtime.

Stop Accessing

Risk management needs to be an ongoing process rather than a one-time assessment. This is not one project that complete once finished. Once you complete the initial assessment and plan, you should reevaluate it regularly. You may need to modify it because something isn’t working as planned or new risks crop up that went unnoticed in the initial assessment.

Avoiding these three mistakes can help you have a more effective library risk management plan. Make sure all staff has the training and instruction to implement the plan should they need to.