Three Reasons Your Small Business Needs Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance in Babylon

Running a small business comes with many expenses whether you are the only employee or have fifty employees. Working and interacting with clients and their possessions can put your business at risk. Commercial liability insurance in Babylon covers some of your business’ exposures.

General Risks

Depending on the type of business you run, your clients may visit you or you may visit them. Your client or other third party can file a claim against your business for bodily injury or property damage. Even if the business is not at fault, the time spent in court costs time and money.

Covered Items

A commercial liability policy often covers property damage and bodily injury related to the business. Many policies also cover payments, medical expenses, advertising injury and defense costs. However, the policy does not cover malicious intent, slander or employee injuries. An agent or broker can discuss the coverage options and additional policies you may need.

Niche Industries

Some niche industries require businesses to obtain a liability insurance policy. For example, electrical contractors are required to carry the insurance in most states.

Protect your small business from a third-party lawsuit with commercial liability insurance in Babylon. Lawsuits happen but they don’t have to bankrupt your business. Be prepared with the right insurance policies.