Three Liability Insurance Options For Your Staffing Firm

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Between their full-time employees, their contractors and their clients, staffing firms face an incredible amount of risks. Without the proper insurance coverage, these risks can have severe financial impacts on a firm. As you start your search for staffing insurance, here are three liability coverages that you should include in your policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability protects you against lawsuits filed against you or one of your contractors alleging bodily injury or property damage. Your policy will cover your legal fees as well as other payments for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability Insurance

When it comes to staffing insurance, professional liability insurance offers three separate coverages.

Placement: coverage in case you fail to provide the agreed-upon resources.

Work Performed: coverage in case a contracted employee makes a mistake that leads to losses for a client.

Other Services Provided: coverage in case you make a mistake in one of the other services you offer leads to losses for your client.

Abusive Acts Liability Insurance

If you place workers in positions with clients such as nursing homes or daycare’s, then it’s vital that you carry abusive acts liability. It protects you in case your employee is accused of an abusive act that leads to injury, death or property damage for your client.

There are other forms of liability coverage available to meet your staffing insurance needs. Work with an experienced agent to ensure that your policy meets your personal and regulatory needs.