Three Home Insurance Types You Need to Know

When searching for “CT insurance” for your home, you’ll come across different types of insurance or terms that may not be as familiar. Here are three lesser-known insurance coverages that may be of interest to you.

Older Home Insurance

Most homes are going to be covered under a traditional homeowner insurance policy regardless of age. Older home insurance is reserved for certain historic homes and landmarks. If you’re planning on purchasing a home that may be considered historic, be sure to inquire about this special coverage.

Mobile Home Insurance

Traditional home insurance will not cover your mobile home even though the protections are about the same. You’re going to need specific mobile home insurance, which is specifically designed for homes that HUD calls “manufactured homes”. The good thing about this type of insurance is that it also covers any detached structures like garages and sheds.

Tenant’s Form Insurance

Tenant’s form is the industry name for renter’s insurance, which you’re most likely well-aware of. As a reminder, renter’s insurance covers your belongings and personal liability. This means that if you throw a party in your apartment and someone gets hurt, you will be protected against any lawsuits that may come out of it.

The internet is full of great resources that, unfortunately, can make finding the right CT insurance slightly complicated. Knowing the available options and what they mean can help to expedite your search.