Three Easy Ways to Lower Personal Tri-State Insurance Premiums

Most people living in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey would love to save on their personal tri-state insurance without sacrificing necessary coverage. Many people don’t realize that saving money on insurance can be simple. The following three steps can lead to appreciable savings without raising personal exposure or expenses.


1. Consolidate Policies


Insurance companies offer discounts to people who bundle various policies, such as auto, home, flood, or renters insurance. Additionally, taking out multiple policies from the same company is the easiest way to ensure that there aren’t redundancies or overlaps between policies.


2. Question Filing Claims


Many people file claims for any possible qualifying event so they can earn back what they already paid in premiums. However, too many claims can lead to higher premiums. It is best to file claims for high-value losses and consider paying out-of-pocket for expenses that are near the value of the deductible.


3. Consider a Higher Deductible


Many people like the thought of minimal out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a loss. However, low deductibles come with higher premiums, and in many cases, a claim that is only covered by a low deductible may not be worthwhile. A slightly higher deductible will still cover catastrophic losses, and it can discourage low-value claims that are not strictly necessary.


Exploring Other Ways to Save


The above steps can help most people save on tri-state insurance. However, the surest way to save is to work closely with an insurance agent, who can provide advice on available discounts and proactive ways of qualifying for more discounts. For most policyholders, this extra effort can lead to significant long-term savings.