The Top 3 Liability Concerns for Laundromat Owners

laundry insurance

Public laundry facilities face some unique challenges when it comes to liability coverage. A laundry insurance policy needs to account for these risks, so the owner feels secure with their investment.

1. Fire Risks

A fire is the most damaging hardship a laundromat owner can experience. Lint poses a huge fire risk when it’s not emptied from the dryer regularly. Another potential danger is customers who put hazardous materials inside the machines, whether intentionally or not.

2. Equipment Failure

A laundry facility depends on its equipment. If several washers or dryers fail at once, an owner needs assistance to have them fixed. Not fixing the equipment could lead to a big loss in revenue.

3. Customer Injuries

Although less damaging to the facility overall, liability risks involving customers result in more laundry insurance claims. Because laundromats deal with soap and water, there’s a huge risk of customers slipping and falling. The floor can become wet in a variety of ways:

  • Washing machine leakage
  • Dripping from wet clothes
  • Spilled detergent
  • Incidental spills from beverages

A drain in the floor can make it easier to clean up big spills, but it only takes a small puddle to lead to a customer injury. Laundromat owners need coverage in these unfortunate circumstances.

While there are many risks laundromat owners face, these are the biggest. A well-structured laundry insurance plan accounts for these concerns and ensures uninterrupted operation of the business.