The Inherent Risks of Valet Parking

valet parking insurance coverage

As a valet parking provider, you likely have a diverse clientele composed of different industries, from restaurants to hotels and airports. As the demand grows, so will the risks of parking vehicles in numerous locations. Valet parking insurance coverage can protect your clients and your business from common hazards inherent to the job.

Property Damage

A common risk associated with not just valet services, but parking in general, is the risk of damage to the vehicle. From scrapes and bumps to fender-benders and crashes, there are plenty of potential vehicular damage opportunities to prepare for. The right plan will cover the damage, no matter who is at fault.


Car theft is also another possible risk found in valet services. Criminals can take advantage of security vulnerabilities to steal the clients’ valuable vehicles. Under the right plan, valet parking insurance coverage will compensate in case a car is stolen.

Injury or Death

Perhaps the most dangerous risk that parking professionals face is the endangerment and loss of human lives. Cars are potential weapons that can greatly injure or even kill drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Human lives have a great value, so prepare your company with the for this situation.

Parking a variety of vehicles to several different locations will always bring the possibility of damage, crime or injury. A valet insurance plan will save you expenses and protect your company and your clients against nearly any scenario.