The Importance Of Having Good Liquor Insurance

liquor liability insuranceRestaurants shouldn’t have to be responsible for their guests’ actions, but sometimes they are. If one of their patrons were to be involved in a drunk driving accident after drinking at their restaurant, then the owner of that restaurant could be sued. If one of the restaurant’s employees were to become injured as a result of an unruly and intoxicated guest, then the restaurant owner would be the one to take care of the medical expenses. If you own a restaurant, then including liquor liability insurance on your general liability policy is practically mandatory.


Protect Your Business


Even though every restaurant, bar, pub and tavern should have liquor liability insurance, only about 35% of those establishments actually do. If you have a liquor license, then you should have liquor insurance to go with it. Incidents covered by liquor insurance include assault and battery, bodily injury, legal defense costs, property damage and even psychological damages. If you already have liquor liability insurance, sit down with your insurance agent to make sure that you’re completely covered.


Turn To A Professional


If you aren’t properly legally covered to sell alcohol in your establishment, a qualified insurance company can help train your employees, look over your existing liquor policies to ensure that they are adequate and offer to help you enhance your risk profile.


Allow a qualified insurance company to close up any legal loopholes that exist in your current business insurance.