The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Agency Tsunami

Digital marketing has changed the face of business-to-consumer communication in just about every industry, including the insurance field. From influencers to keywords and blogs to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, marketing plans that do not include digital components may hold companies back from achieving their full potentials in today’s fast-paced, internet-driven market. Now, google’s core update affects health and financial sites, included in the Your Money-Your Life (YMYL) category, meaning insurance companies may be affected as well in the long run. Source: Agency Tsunami

Time to E-A-T

In modern digital parlance, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Google now puts emphasis on pages with a high level of E-A-T, an important component of YMYL-categorized pages. Insurance coverage falls into this important, emotive group, so companies need to closely measure consumer search habits as related to their pages and keep track of results. Google’s new changes may signal a need for insurance companies to change their digital marketing methods as well.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Google’s changes show that the search engine titan wants pages to have accountability, especially those affecting important aspects of people’s lives such as health and finances. Gone are the days of mere shock value. If your insurance product marketing strategies do not reflect these new values, you may need to consider updating them.