The 3 Leading Coverages That Most Non-Owned Auto Businesses Require

hired non owned auto

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles and hired non owned auto drivers can require extensive insurance coverage to pay for damages or losses. Whether the business is a staffing agency or business using these transport services, there are cost-effective insurance policies that can be tailored to your needs. Here are the top risks that most non-owned auto businesses require coverage for.

1. Damages Sustained to the Drivers’ Vehicles

Company vehicles that are damaged in an accident or collision can be covered under a commercial auto insurance. The types of vehicles that are considered include cars, vans, trucks and trailers used while performing business operations. Fleets of 5 or more vehicles can often be insured under one policy to reduce the overall cost.

2. Damages Caused to Other Vehicles or Property

The benefits of having hired non owned auto insurance give your business added comfort and flexibility when it comes to driver collisions. Whether the opposing driver is underinsured or the property damage can’t be covered by their insurance, non owned auto insurance will pay both parties’ damages.

3. Accident Injuries or Driver Death

As long as each driver or employee is licensed, the driver may often be covered while driving any company vehicle in the policy’s contract. If the driver gets into an accident and becomes injured or dies, your commercial auto insurance will pay for the costs. Likewise, other parties involved in the accident whom become injured are also covered.