Insurance Coverages For Nonprofits

David Sayles Insurance

Nonprofit organizations face similar risks as for-profit companies. Lawsuits, property loss, employee illness can occur at any time. Being prepared with the right amount of insurance coverage is the best way to mitigate these risks. Here are insurance options that you should consider when signing up for your nonprofits insurance policy. Liability Insurance There are a number of liability coverage […]

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10 Common Workplace Accident Claims

U.S. Risk

It is said that knowledge is power, and when it comes to your liability insurance policies, knowing your areas of risk and exposure is critical. For the small business, the team at U.S. Risk advises that coverage be carried for general liability, commercial property, worker’s compensation, commercial liability, and government required benefit policies. Depending on the nature of the business, […]

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Four Basic Insurance Options For Manufacturers

nj manufacturers insurance

Are you looking for NJ manufacturers insurance? While there are many coverage options available on the market, there are a few that are critical to maintaining successful operations. Here are four coverages that will serve as the foundation of your new policy. General Liability Insurance General liability is there to protect you in case a third party suffers an injury […]

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Helping Delaware Businesses Mitigate Risks

business insurance delaware

Helping Delaware Businesses Mitigate Risks Risk is guaranteed in the business world. For a comprehensive insurance plan that keeps your business safe as the threats evolve, you need business insurance in Delaware. Policies Provided There is a wealth of coverage options to choose from to protect your business. Some may be specific to certain industries, so it’s best to speak […]

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Quality Workers Compensation Insurance Is More Valuable Than Ever

  Recent insurance industry research suggests that medical related worker’s compensation payments are on the rise in many states, exceeding similar Medicare payments by as much as 500%. Studies also indicate that injury related claims are on the rise in general, particularly claims that are questionable in validity. Given the increasing demand for quality Insurance Workers Compensation, brokers and agents need […]

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The Importance Of Reviewing Your Workers Compensation Insurance In NY

Businesses that operate in New York and most states are required to carry workers compensation insurance. This insurance is designed to provide certain benefits to an employee if they are injured on the job, and at the same time the employee must relinquish any rights to sue the company for negligence. It is important as a company that your workers […]

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Commercial Lines Insurance Can Be Tailored To Fit Your Business Needs

When you start a business, you make a strong commitment, both mentally and financially, to get that business off the ground and your continuing investment of time and money is designed to make a profit and keep moving forward. Part of this process should include getting Commercial Lines insurance to provide you with protection for your investment. Having insurance that […]

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