Understanding How Fiduciary Liability Insurance Works

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Looking after someone’s finances, investments, benefits and overall welfare is a big commitment. If anything happens, you’re potentially responsible for the losses and damages the individual suffers as a result of your lack of care. Fiduciary liability insurance can help offset your liability so you can focus on serving your clients more effectively. What the Policy Covers Fiduciary liability insurance […]

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Finding the Right Financial Institution Bonds

Financial Institution Bonds

Bonds are a great way to balance your company’s risk management portfolio, especially if you work in finance. In fact, some kinds of financial protection are best achieved through bonds, including fidelity bonds built for institutions just like yours. Financial institution bond coverage goes beyond general fidelity bonds, though. Getting a quote on a customized bond means folding in blanket […]

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Three Things to Avoid When Implementing a Library Risk Management Plan

Library Risk Management

Implementing a library risk management strategy may not seem important. After all, libraries are not thought to be overly risky like other industries dealing with chemicals or large machinery. Avoid these mistakes when creating the risk management plan for the library. Overlooking Risks The experts at https://www.reganagency.com/ state the importance of a risk management plan for libraries though it is […]

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Streamlining Vendor Management

Rating engine insurance

  Any business that relies on vendors to distribute their product know just how important those vendors are to the company. Ensuring a quality performance from these vendors can secure the success of the company and create a trustworthy system. One excellent way to do this is to take advantage of vendor management services. This valuable resource is growing more […]

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Who Is Covered by Staffing Agency Insurance?

Staffing agency insurance is specially designed to cover vendor management services, temporary employment, and companies that provide staff to employers. Though similar in some ways to other businesses, these types of companies have unique sets of employees and very specific needs. These are the main types of workers who are covered by staffing agency insurance policies. Permanent Employees Permanent employees […]

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