Liability Insurance for Independent Truckers and Trucking Companies

Liability Insurance

General liability coverage is often viewed as a one-size-fits-all policy that every company needs, especially by new owners and first-time startup managers. The truth is, it is very general coverage and most of its provisions are broadly useful, but it does still need to reflect the industry and business model of the company in question. A transport company isn’t necessarily […]

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What Is Commercial Lines Insurance?

commercial lines insurance

Insurance policies either involve personal lines or commercial lines. These terms are well known to those in the insurance industry, but most people who obtain insurance don’t speak about their policies with that terminology. Simply put, commercial lines are insurance products specifically for businesses rather than individuals or personal property. Commercial lines insurance programs are incredibly important for a business […]

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Keeping Your Clients and Cargo Safe With Insurance

broker liability insurance

Freight brokers form a crucial part of the supply chain. Without them, companies would find it harder to secure the kind of transportation their cargo needs. Likewise, without a broker, transportation companies might make fewer trips than they could. That is why brokers must find the right kind broker liability insurance in order to keep their company, and thereby their […]

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EO For Brokers and Agents

Professional liability insurance is a coverage that protects businesses against litigation by current or former clients who claim the work performed was either late, inaccurate, or never delivered as promised. Also known as an E&O policy, there are several errors and omissions insurance company agents may inadvertently make when handling client accounts. This insurance covers accidents situations of negligence or […]

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Key Insurance Coverage For Your Business,

What is commercial insurance, you ask? It is a set of coverages that provide financial coverage for your business in various ways. From protecting you against lawsuits to ensuring that you don’t have to come out of pocket when disaster strikes, commercial insurance helps to keep you afloat when bad times come. If you’re in the process of searching for […]

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Potential Coverage Opportunities for Contractors

independent contractor liability insurance

As an independent contractor, it is easy to find yourself facing a property damage claim or an accidental injury problem from the construction site. Just as any other business would carry a liability policy, independent contractor liability insurance is one way to address the potential of financial loss in the event of a claim against you. Who Needs It Being […]

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Where to Look For Quality Marine Insurance

new york marine & general insurance company

Just as cross country transports via tractor trailers and cargo trucks need liability insurance, so does the transportation of goods through waterways. As a broad umbrella program, the New York Marine & General Insurance Company offers marine insurance, but there are specific coverage options that can be obtained depending on the company you own or operate. What is Offered? In […]

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Fundamental Insurance Coverages For New Trucking Companies

transportation insurance companies

As a new trucking company, transportation insurance companies are lining up to present you with their quotes. As you sift through the various options, it’s good to have an understanding of what’s actually going to be covered by your policy. While it would take a far longer article to discuss all the possible coverage options available to you, here are […]

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Key Features Of Nursing Home Liability Coverage

A robust policy with good liability insurance for nursing homes is a must in today’s world. Good liability policies should include should include the following types of coverage. Professional Liability This covers injury that occurs to nursing home residents that result from some type of identified negligence or error on the part of the nursing home staff. This includes accidental […]

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Don’t Settle For Less Liability Insurance For Nursing Homes Than You Need

Liability insurance for nursing homes

Experience. Attentiveness. Comfort.  The same attributes that people seek when choosing a nursing home is the same thing that insurance agents should look for when shopping for liability insurance for nursing homes and/or assisted living facilities. In today’s litigious society, it is more important than ever to choose a policy that adequately covers all of the services you offer. Most […]

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