How to Prepare for Boat Ownership

Mariners Insurance

If you live near the ocean, lake or another area ideal for watersports, you may have considered purchasing your own boat to fully enjoy the activities your environment has to offer. After all, with all the types of watercrafts available, there is likely one to fit your lifestyle. For example, the experts at Mariners Insurance consider the special needs of […]

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Tips To Prepare for Summer Boating

how much is boat insurance

Summertime is around the corner and with the warmer temps, boating is an attractive, fun recreational pastime. If you’ve just bought a new boat, you may be wondering how much is boat insurance and do you need it? Besides needing boat insurance, there are other things you can do to prepare for a summer of boating fun. Costs Owning a […]

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3 Common Factors Affecting Boat Insurance Costs

cost of boat insurance

As a responsible boat owner, you likely will want to consider insurance policies tailored to your specific needs. These policies can vary hugely in cost depending on multiple factors. Before you meet with any insurance agents, perform a little research on your maritime requirements in order to get a great deal on the cost of boat insurance. 1. Your Personal […]

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