Serve Smart With Restaurant Liability Coverage

Bar and tavern insurance

When you’re in the hospitality industry, you have to put on a happy face for your customers, all the while, in the back of your mind, you know too well the liability you risk. Bar and tavern insurance gives business owners peace of mind when it comes to the inherent risks of the hospitality industry. With policies specially tailored to an establishment’s needs, you can focus on the customers while your business rests in safe hands.

It’s not only recommended, but mandatory that all bars and restaurants carry general liability insurance. This protects you from the basics: slip-and-fall claims, worksite injury, property damage, etc. However, most hospitality establishments involve alcohol, which alters the risk landscape entirely. Fortunately, there is special coverage just for that.

Liquor liability protects establishments from frivolous claims resulting from alcohol-related accidents, injuries or even death. The litigation involved in these cases are costly and time consuming; liquor liability shields you from these costs, letting you run business as usual while the courts sort out the claim.

Additionally, some establishments, such as nightclubs, require coverage against security incidents. In the event of a violent security altercation and injury claim, your business and your staff can be shielded from liability.

To learn about these products and more, speak with your local bar and tavern insurance agent and find out what your business needs to stay protected.