Remember Marina Insurance in Your Business Plan

insurance for California marinas

With so much diversity, from the people to the geography, California offers an abundance of business opportunities. One that’s relevant from the northern bays to the Mexican border is operating a marina. The state’s long coastline provides ample space for harbors, yacht clubs, and the like. As you work on opening one of these, one thing to prioritize in your business plan is purchasing insurance for California marinas.

Don’t just get the first thing you find, however. The maritime industry is a specialized field with unique needs and challenges that your insurer must be familiar with and know how to meet. You need a provider with experience in covering marinas to ensure your policy includes everything you need it to so your business stays afloat.

You will need more than just the types of liabilities common to all businesses, such as errors and omissions and workers’ compensation. With a marina, you also have to worry about whether exposure, potential pollution, and the Jones Act. You’re also responsible for the property of others, not just your own company property. Start browsing insurance for California marinas today. Not quite sure what you need yet at this stage of your startup? A good insurer will be able to help you determine the coverage you require.