Reducing Common Injuries Can Lower Vehicle Repair Insurance Costs

If you own an auto repair shop you know you need to protect your employees. However, vehicle repair insurance can be expensive if you have recurring injuries in the workplace. So how do you minimize employee accidents to keep your premiums low?

The most common injuries in order of frequency are to the eyes, fingers, backs and hands. Yet even though the eyes and fingers are more regularly hurt, they rarely cause employees to miss out on work and don’t usually result in a large loss for you. Back injuries are less frequent, but usually much more severe and can be costly.

The simplest ways to avoid these accidents are to make sure you set up your shop with the right equipment and protocols for lifting, bending and carrying. For example, don’t store heavy parts near the floor, it is better to keep them between the knee and shoulder level to make lifting safer. Also, invest in rolling work stands that are easy to maneuver around the shop so workers spend less time bending over to get tools. Lastly, keep lots of pads around for workers to place on vehicle sides or bumpers, enabling them to lean against it when working on the middle of the engine.

Vehicle repair insurance can be costly if you have a lot of injuries. Do yourself and your employees a favor and take these simple steps to minimize the most expensive and avoidable accidents.