Reasons for Increased Liability Insurance for Charter Schools

Public schools are required to carry liability insurance that meets government specifications and carries certain limitations. Insurance for charter schools must meet similar guidelines. However, there may be reasons for institutions of alternative education to consider higher coverage.


First of all, many charter schools offer innovative teaching techniques or target specific learning needs. These differences may provide more exposure to professional liability claims. Allegations of improper methods, failure to educate, or violation of students’ rights could require large sums for defense, even if settled out of court.


Charter schools often enjoy a higher volunteer rate. In addition, tutors may work on a contract basis to increase the level of learning. These individuals must be covered under the policy as well. Whether present at the facility during school hours or sponsoring events on evenings or weekends, non-employees connected with school operations are susceptible to claims filed for actions or negligence.


Fundraisers present another special need for higher coverage. Income and funding are increased by parent, volunteer, and community involvement in events designed to support the school. A major incident at such a function could jeopardize the ability of the school to continue its operations.


As an added safeguard against expenses of lawsuits and damages, insurance for charter schools could include excess liability coverage. This option goes beyond the limits of the general liability policy to cover major financial burdens. With adequate protection in place, charter schools can feel confident that they will be able to continue carrying on their tradition of alternative education.