Protecting Real Estate Brokers With Professional Liability Policies


The real estate business is thriving all across the country, but to ensure your success as a broker, you must take care to have the right protections in place. Professional liability insurance for real estate brokers is a smart choice for anyone trying to make a living in the real estate game. There are a number of risks involved in the industry and incurring losses for an event you don’t have coverage for could devastate your business.

Protection for Physical and Cyber Related Threats

Even the most basic liability policy for real estate brokers will include protections for physical threats like damaged property or problems with a purchase or sale. According to knowledgeable insurance professionals at Huntersure, you need to be protected from more risks than ever. Threats to cybersecurity are on the rise and protection from these risks is crucial to a business like real estate. Some possible events include:

  • Loss or sharing of personal information
  • Loss or theft of documents and records
  • Online hacking
  • Loss or theft of banking or financial information

Cyber liability coverage should be part of any broker’s professional liability policy. An insurance provider that understands the risks you face in your business is crucial to your confidence in moving forward and growing in your industry without fear.