Protecting Employees With Janitorial Workers Comp Insurance

Janitorial workers are ubiquitous throughout many industries — they work in schools, non-profit institutions, government buildings, private businesses, and countless other establishments. Depending on location, the work can be hazardous, to varying degrees. Carrying sufficient janitorial workers comp insurance will help to protect your janitorial workers, as well as your company or organization, in the event of any accident.

Hazards in Janitorial Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital need for effective sanitation procedures across all industries. Much of the added work of disinfection, and maintenance of even tighter standards of cleanliness, has fallen to janitorial workers. Consequently, ensuring your company and your janitors are prepared for hazards on the job is essential.

Potential dangers may include:

  • Use of abrasive and potentially dangerous chemicals
  • Potential exposure to pathogens
  • Risk of slips leading to injuries
  • Risk of injuries in dealing with mechanical breakdown

Janitorial workers comp insurance ensures your company and employees are well-protected from these and other hazards. If there is an on-the-job incident, comprehensive workers comp ultimately ensures that your employees have access to reasonable compensation, and that your company is able to bear any financial burdens associated with the incident.

Speaking to an experienced insurer about workers comp policies will ensure your employees and business assets are sufficiently protected if something unexpected does occur.