Protecting Cars and Those Who Park Them

U.S. Risk Insurance

To many people who use valet services, the work of a valet appears simple and only retaining risk if the driver is irresponsible. However, the workers themselves, and their employers, understand that there is much more at stake than most of their customers realize. Valet service insurance coverage is a smart way to deal with the many risks before they have a chance to become a reality. Unfortunately, finding a policy that provides adequate coverage can be difficult.

What to Look for in a Policy

Part of the reason many insurance groups do not offer sufficient coverage or any at all is that seemingly minor incidents potentially have very high costs. Valets often deal with luxury vehicles that have high repair costs, but people are at risk of injury as well. U.S. Risk Insurance asserts that there are two main components to look for in a good policy.

  • General liability that is extended-coverage and broad enough to cover all operation related claims on and off the premises
  • Garagekeepers legal liability with high limits

Though it may not seem like much, these are where gaps most often occur and where a valet service could easily suffer major losses. With a trustworthy insurance policy specifically designed for this line of work, you should not have to fret over insufficient protection.