Protect Your Ship Repairers From Liability

ship repairers liability insurance

When people see sailboats on the harbor, they usually don’t think about the ship repairers that made that spectacle possible. As the hard-working backbone of the modern marine industry, these tradesmen provide the skill, knowledge and technical sophistication to build and repair the boats sailing across every body of water. If your company employees ship repairers in any capacity, make sure to protect them and your company with a suitable ship repairers liability insurance policy. You’ve worked too hard building up your business to see it taken down by a lawsuit.

As in any industry, ship repairers face specific risks and dangers that are inherent in their job duties. Ship repairers liability insurance offers a range of innovative options to cover your company from potential liability issues that might arise from these risks. Among the areas most commonly covered by liability insurance for ship repairers are the loss of or damage to a vessel during sea trials, coverage for damages or losses occurring during the transit of the ship to or from the owner and protection while operating at a third-party location. A qualified maritime insurance specialist can guide you through the many coverage options available to your company and help you find the one that best suits your specific needs.