Protect Your Enterprise With the Right Insurance Policies

Carmel, a business owner policy

No matter what your lines of business are, you must have insurance in place to protect yourself, your enterprise, your employees and other constituents. If you’re doing business in Carmel, a business owner policy may be exactly what you need to do just that. However, in other cases, selecting a commercial package policy may afford you the kind of protection you need. You’ll need to talk to an insurance company to determine which one’s best for you.

A business owner policy (BOP) provides you with standard insurance coverage for your enterprise and is tooled for the specific kinds of risks you face in your industry. It usually includes a property component that covers buildings, their contents and the personal effects of others on your premises. Some BOPs also include clauses for equipment breakdowns or damage to other material items on your business’ property, such as mobile property, valuable papers and signage. A commercial package policy expands beyond these types of coverages, bundling together basic property and liability policies with other additions such as business auto insurance, crime, business interruption insurance, inland marine policies or other types that you may need.

For some business owners in Carmel, a business owner policy may be enough to address your potential risks. However, some entrepreneurs should consider a commercial package policy for beefed up protection. Consult with an insurance agent today to determine what best fits the needs of your firm.