Protect Your Business With Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability insurance in Newton, PA

Cyber attacks are on the rise as businesses rely more heavily upon technology use and internet transactions. Each week another story is told of criminals, hackers, or dishonest employees who have breached a different system and stolen information for illegal use. Cyber liability insurance in Newton, PA, can help you fight back.

Cyber insurance is a relatively new form of risk management that can assist your company in mitigating damage from an attack. This is done by offsetting recovery costs after criminal events like when a laptop is stolen, security is breached, or data is hacked. It can also cover network sabotage, business downtime or interruption, and reputation rebuilding.

It only takes one mistake to put your company at risk. An employee’s mistakenly sent email, an unsecured network upgrade, or even a lost thumb drive can provide a creative hacker access to your system.

Finding the right cyber liability insurance in Newton, PA, is not as difficult as you may think. Nor is it expensive when compared to the cost of your company and your business reputation. You worked hard to build community trust, and now it is time to secure a sense of protection from cyber criminals.

This insurance is not a cure against the evils of the world, but it can help you get your business back on its feet if you ever do get hit by internet scoundrels. Contact your agent today.