Properly Insure Your Staffing Agency By Following These Steps

Owning a staffing agency can often prove to be a bit more difficult than operating a business in another industry. This is largely due to the way that this business is structured. Temporary workers fall into a category that can be a bit different than the standard employee. In order for you to cover all your bases and protect your assets, you need to think about the agreement you create with each of your workers. By narrowing down the language on your contracts, for example, you can create distinct boundaries.

Know the Basics

The basics of a staffing agency independent contractor agreement are going to vary a bit depending on the exact layout of your organization. Still, there are a few general rules you can follow in order to see the best results. For most companies, there needs to be defined guidelines surrounding areas like workers’ compensation, compliance with current healthcare standards now that the Affordable Care Act has been put into effect, and issues of intellectual property ownership. Other areas to consider can include:

  • Defining a contractor’s role
  • Creating distinctions with payment
  • Understanding ownership of created products

Research Your Options

There are a number of key areas to focus on when it comes to creating a cohesive agreement between your staffing firm and your contractors. Review the basics and learn all you can about this type of arrangement.