Potential Coverage Opportunities for Contractors

independent contractor liability insurance

As an independent contractor, it is easy to find yourself facing a property damage claim or an accidental injury problem from the construction site. Just as any other business would carry a liability policy, independent contractor liability insurance is one way to address the potential of financial loss in the event of a claim against you.

Who Needs It

Being an independent contractor means you are self-employed and you receive 1099 for your tax filing. There are many types of 1099 laborers, and any of the following individuals would benefit from carrying liability insurance.

Independent construction contractors
Repair contractor
Freelance writers and editors
Independent hair stylists
House and carpet cleaner
Graphic designers
Horse or dog trainers

The risks and exposures you face a 1099 contractor leave you footing the bill when damage, accident, or injury occur on the job site. With an independent contractor liability insurance policy, the financial aspect is covered by the insurance provider, so long as the incident is a covered claim. Many industries and states require a certain amount of liability coverage, but beyond that, your customers are going to expect that you carry a comprehensive policy.

Don’t assume the risks of performing work without a strong insurance policy. Check with a local agent for the coverage that addresses your line of labor.