Permanently Attached Equipment: Details on Insurance Coverage

One large question many have concerning their vehicle insurance policies is about which items are considered to be permanently attached equipment. If a vehicle is lost or stolen, people who carry heavy equipment around for work need to know what their policies cover. The industry has set permenantly attached equipment insurance guidelines to answer these questions.

Standard Business Vehicle Policies

Most standard business policies covering vehicles used for work protect against loss of a covered vehicle. These types of policies generally do not define what is considered to be permanent equipment. Instead, they define what movable equipment is not. This said, many standard business vehicle policies will cover some types of permanent equipment.

Permanent Items Covered

Specific items listed in many policies as permanently attached items, which are covered, include:

  • Pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Many types of generators, including welding, spraying, and cleaning

Items such as wands, hoses, dehumidifiers, and cleaning materials are usually not considered to be permanently attached pieces. You must buy additional insurance coverage such as a property or inland marine policy for these types of mobile equipment.

Every policy is different, however, so you must refer to your specific policy’s exclusions and endorsements. Check with an insurance specialist if you want additional coverage for items not included in general business vehicle policies.