10 Common Workplace Accident Claims

U.S. Risk

It is said that knowledge is power, and when it comes to your liability insurance policies, knowing your areas of risk and exposure is critical. For the small business, the team at U.S. Risk advises that coverage be carried for general liability, commercial property, worker’s compensation, commercial liability, and government required benefit policies. Depending on the nature of the business, […]

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Facility Support for Disabled or Ill Family Members


Facility Support for Disabled or Ill Family Members Caring for a loved one or family member during health transitions can be a challenge, as your home may not be equipped with space, maneuverability, and tools needed to care for the different needs presented by short or long-term illness or disability. Your family member might benefit from a stay in an […]

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Spot the Difference in Cannabis Products

Spot the Difference in Cannabis Products

When people decide to use cannabis products, they often come to a crossroads and wonder which product to take. Research found on kingharvest.org states that there are two main types you should be aware of, as well as the effects of each so you can choose between sativa vs. indica products. What’s the Difference? The main difference lies in the […]

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EO For Brokers and Agents


Professional liability insurance is a coverage that protects businesses against litigation by current or former clients who claim the work performed was either late, inaccurate, or never delivered as promised. Also known as an E&O policy, there are several errors and omissions insurance company agents may inadvertently make when handling client accounts. This insurance covers accidents situations of negligence or […]

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Key Insurance Coverage For Your Business


What is commercial insurance, you ask? It is a set of coverages that provide financial coverage for your business in various ways. From protecting you against lawsuits to ensuring that you don’t have to come out of pocket when disaster strikes, commercial insurance helps to keep you afloat when bad times come. If you’re in the process of searching for […]

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How to Prepare for Boat Ownership

Mariners Insurance

If you live near the ocean, lake or another area ideal for watersports, you may have considered purchasing your own boat to fully enjoy the activities your environment has to offer. After all, with all the types of watercrafts available, there is likely one to fit your lifestyle. For example, the experts at Mariners Insurance consider the special needs of […]

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3 Unique Risks to Convenience Stores

Irving Weber Associates, Inc

Running a convenience store can definitely be quite profitable, but the success is not without its risks. Many convenience stores have extended operation times, multiple services and goods, a good amount of traffic throughout the day and many other factors which can lead to future financial problems if not handled properly. Fortunately, programs exist for convenience store insurance policies, made […]

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At Sea Exposures and Liabilities for Transport Ships

iSure Insurance

For many business owners, buying insurance is a dreaded requirement. Many think they are safe from risks and exposures, but at the end of the day, they just aren’t willing to take the chance. So, they invest in the premiums but usually with reservations. However, for some industries, it’s a matter of perspective. With those who deal with marine shipping, […]

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Going Beyond Commercial Auto Liability


Many businesses think that a commercial auto policy is enough to address the risks associated with their company vehicles and operations. However, the research found on www.wwspi.com/ indicates that this insurance will only apply to company-owned vehicles, and coverage is not extended to rental cars or any non owned auto used for company purposes. Forgotten Exposures Many companies simply forget […]

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Commercial Coverage for Your Business

Hilb Group of Florida

The right policy can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your company. All businesses have unique needs with insurance. By understanding the basics, you will have a more complete understanding of what coverage matches the specific requirements of your industry. Property One of the most important areas of commercial insurance in Orlando FL is property coverage. This […]

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