Three Reasons Your Small Business Needs Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance in Babylon

Running a small business comes with many expenses whether you are the only employee or have fifty employees. Working and interacting with clients and their possessions can put your business at risk. Commercial liability insurance in Babylon covers some of your business’ exposures. General Risks Depending on the type of business you run, your clients may visit you or you […]

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Cyber Liability: An Essential in Your Logistics Insurance Package

transit cargo insurance market,

When you’re shopping the transit cargo insurance market, you’re probably focused on solutions such as general liability, marine cargo policies, motor truck cargo and other indemnity products specific to your company’s types of operations. The Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study revealed that expenses related to compromised information security average $3.62 million for each incident. Without cyber liability […]

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Rely on the Right Partner for Your Company’s Risk Management Needs

NorthStar Insurance Services

To make money in business, you must expand revenue while decreasing expenses. A major expense for many organizations, of course, is risk management. Instead of letting your workers’ compensation premiums wreak havoc on your company’s bottom line, collaborate with the right partner for your company’s risk management needs. A Range of Services When you find the right provider for your […]

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Enjoy Your Beach Dream With Great Insurance

coastal American insurance company

The American Coast is a sight to see. With its miles of gorgeous sand and stunning water views, we understand why anyone would love to set down foundation on the coast. Unfortunately, even paradise can undergo unforeseen events like hurricanes, strong winds and flooding. This is where working with a coastal American insurance company can mean the difference between sunsets […]

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Ways Dump Truck and Auto Insurance Differ

dump truck insurance

While the business’s auto insurance may cover an accident involving your dump truck, it may not cover other liabilities posed by the larger commercial vehicle. Dump trucks operate outside the normal roadways entering people’s property potentially causing damage. Protect your business with dump truck insurance. Auto Insurance A traditional commercial auto insurance policy covers physical damage to the vehicle and […]

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The Difference Between Marine and Inland Insurance

inland transit insurance

Getting insured for your transit business is a wise decision because it can protect you in the event that you end up in a liability suit. Such cases can sometimes easily bankrupt a business, causing it to fail, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong in transporting goods. There are two types of transit insurance: marine […]

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