Liability Coverage as a Part of Your Operating Strategy


Getting ahead of the competition is an important goal for any company, and those in the boat building industry are no different. By providing superior craftsmanship, unmatched performance, and industry-leading quality, you can set yourself above the rest of the boating manufacturers. Protecting the safety of your clients and those who use your products is important, but protecting your company’s […]

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Three Things to Avoid When Implementing a Library Risk Management Plan

Library Risk Management

Implementing a library risk management strategy may not seem important. After all, libraries are not thought to be overly risky like other industries dealing with chemicals or large machinery. Avoid these mistakes when creating the risk management plan for the library. Overlooking Risks The experts at state the importance of a risk management plan for libraries though it is […]

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Insurance Coverages For Nonprofits

David Sayles Insurance

Nonprofit organizations face similar risks as for-profit companies. Lawsuits, property loss, employee illness can occur at any time. Being prepared with the right amount of insurance coverage is the best way to mitigate these risks. Here are insurance options that you should consider when signing up for your nonprofits insurance policy. Liability Insurance There are a number of liability coverage […]

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Keeping Your Business Protected From Cyber Threats

Axis Insurance Service

Your business’s computers help everything run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. However, cyber threats can pose a great danger to your company if you aren’t proactive in keeping your data protected. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your business’s sensitive information remains safe in the event of a cyber attack. Back-Up Your Data Frequently The simplest way to keep your data […]

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Liability Coverage for Nursing Homes

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services

Nursing homeowners and operators are faced with the monumental task of operating a business that is designed to guarantee the safety and health of the patients who reside within. These tasks come up with challenges, and some of the challenges can morph into legal liabilities. The information found on the website for Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services advises those who operate […]

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Carrying the Right Type of Auto Coverage

World Wide Speciality Programs

Carrying the Right Type of Auto Coverage   Having a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy (HNOA) carries many benefits for your business, all while protecting your business from certain risks and liabilities. If your business doesn’t own any commercial vehicles, your employees may need to rely on their own vehicles for sales meetings, making the bank deposit, or running […]

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How To Get the Rent Money You’re Owed

Rent Rescue

Becoming a landlord is an excellent way to earn a passive income in theory. Sometimes, though, circumstances happen that make it impossible for a tenant to pay the rent. If you owe a mortgage payment or other utilities related to the property, non-payment could leave you in a financial bind. Here’s what you can do to get the rent money […]

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The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Agency Tsunami

Digital marketing has changed the face of business-to-consumer communication in just about every industry, including the insurance field. From influencers to keywords and blogs to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, marketing plans that do not include digital components may hold companies back from achieving their full potentials in today’s fast-paced, internet-driven market. Now, google’s core update affects health and financial […]

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Which Strain For You?

cannabis strains

As a recreational smoker or a medicinal user, knowing the difference in cannabis strains is important to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need. While there is no wrong strain to smoke when you’re in pain or suffering bad symptoms, some are better than others when you have a specific need. Indica Stoners jokingly refer to indica as “in […]

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Oversight and Employee Benefit Packages

World wide Speciality programs:Oversight and Employee Benefit Packages

With the uptick in the economy and remarkably low unemployment rates, job hunters can be choosy when it comes to accepting an offer of employment. As they consider what a company will offer, one of the primary things desired by a potential employee is a strong benefits package. Although the government requires that employers provide workers’ compensation, disability, and some […]

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